Man Eaten Alive By Chest Of Drawers Whilst Searching For A Missing Sock

Man Eaten Alive By Chest Of Drawers Whilst Searching For A Missing Sock

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“ . . . . death is surreal; I speak from experience”

  • Archival chromogenic print

  • FUJI Crystal Archive matt paper


    15” x 12” (38 x 30 cm) - 250 Prints

    20” x 16” (51 x 41 cm) - 50 Prints

  • Hand-signed by the artist

  • Numbered gallery stamp

  • Certificate of Print Authenticity

  • Ships in a large PVC tube with tracking

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"In the history of photography, interest in the terrible inequality existing among human beings was passed from Brassai to Weegee before Diane Arbus confronted it.  Dominic Rouse embraces it, not as a social but as an ontological experience.  This is not mere spectacle or the staging of a weird, repressed universe but rather a sacred, essentially moralistic and messianic vision.

These unusual beings illuminate and reveal humanity's potential destiny.  As in all disputes between traditionalists and iconoclasts, Rouse's photographs are bound to incite passionate debate over the legitimacy of images that confront the relationship between perversion and morality, matter and spirit, the secular and the divine." 
(Aasim Akhtar - The Friday Times, Vol. XXIII No. 42)


He preferred death by crucifixion to the slow suffocations of marriage, mortgage and morality.
I am tempted to call Him a coward.
Dominic Rouse - The Artist's Journal, August 2011

Each printed is crafted by the artist using Fuji's Crystal Archive paper with a generous white border for matting and framing. Hand-signed in black ink, a numbered gallery stamp is printed on the back of each print. The title and copyright details are noted under the image and a signed Certificate of Print Authenticity is included.



Paper Size 15" x 12" (38 x 30 cm) - Image Size 12" x 10" (30 x 25 cm) - 250 prints

Paper Size 20" x 16" (51 x 41 cm) - Image Size 17" x 14" (44 x 36 cm) -  50 prints

PLEASE NOTE - the edition number of the print you receive may not match that shown in the listing photographs.


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