Reasons for Attendance by Dominic Rouse

Reasons for Attendance by Dominic Rouse

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“ . . . . tears are the souvenirs of childhood”

  • Archival chromogenic print

  • FUJI Crystal Archive matt paper


    15” x 12” (38 x 30 cm) - 250 Prints

    20” x 16” (51 x 41 cm) - 50 Prints

  • Hand-signed by the artist

  • Numbered gallery stamp

  • Certificate of Print Authenticity

  • Ships in a large PVC tube with tracking

  • FREE Worldwide shipping

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'Reasons for Attendance' is an image inspired by Philip Larkin's poem of the same name - a powerful affirmation of the artist's necessary distance from society. 

It is a montage of images gathered from various parts of the globe - the building is a fortuitous blend of Gothic & Buddhist architecture, the rifle is a relic of the Cambodian genocide and the girl a relic found in childhoods everywhere.


What calls me is that lifted, rough-tongued bell
(Art, if you like) whose individual sound
Insists I too am individual.
It speaks; I hear; others may hear as well,
But not for me, nor I for them; and so
With happiness.

Philip Larkin (English, 1922-85)

Each printed is crafted by the artist using Fuji's Crystal Archive paper with a generous white border for matting and framing. Hand-signed by the artist in black ink, a numbered gallery stamp is printed on the back of each print. The title and copyright details are noted under the image and a signed Certificate of Print Authenticity is included.



Paper Size 15" x 12" (38 x 30 cm) - Image Size 13" x 9" (33 x 23 cm) - 250 prints

Paper Size 20" x 16" (51 x 41 cm) - Image Size 18" x 12" (46 x 30 cm) -  50 prints

PLEASE NOTE - the edition number of the print you receive may not match that shown in the listing photographs.


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