Tea Dance by Dominic Rouse

Tea Dance by Dominic Rouse

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“ . . . . tea for two, dance for no-one”

  • Archival chromogenic print

  • FUJI Crystal Archive matt paper


    15” x 12” (38 x 30 cm) - 250 Prints

    20” x 16” (51 x 41 cm) - 50 Prints

  • Hand-signed by the artist

  • Numbered gallery stamp

  • Certificate of Print Authenticity

  • Ships in a large PVC tube with tracking

  • FREE Worldwide shipping

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Craft, it is said, is the visible edge of art and  should you  find yourself in the presence of work in which it is difficult to discern any craft  then you will probably find that it is equally  hard  to discover its art. The overwhelming desire of the technological age for immediate gratification has led many who claim to be - and who are, unfortunately, acclaimed as being -  artists, to eschew the disciplines of hard-earned craft skills.

This indiscipline in the arts has allowed the sciences and their attendant 'facts' to gain the intellectual ascendancy  which formerly belonged to  men and women of imagination. Science offers knowledge without understanding. Art offers, to those who seek it,  a wisdom  that  extends far beyond the limits of mere empirical fact.

Dominic Rouse - The Artist's Journal, November 2005

"The journey from inspiration to highly crafted reality gives these exquisite images a gravitas that belies the lightness of their touch. In a way as they move from a theatrical set to a computer to a chemically developed silver print these pictures traverse the history of Photography itself. But more important to the photographer, and perhaps for his viewers too, is the internal journey we make through the vivid imagination of a skilled artist, Dominic Rouse."
Professor Victor H Carroll

Each printed is crafted by the artist using Fuji's Crystal Archive paper with a generous white border for matting and framing. Hand-signed by the artist in black ink, a numbered gallery stamp is printed on the back of each print. The title and copyright details are noted under the image and a signed Certificate of Print Authenticity is included.



Paper Size 15" x 12" (38 x 30 cm) - Image Size 13" x 9" (33 x 23 cm) - 250 prints

Paper Size 20" x 16" (51 x 41 cm) - Image Size 18" x 12" (46 x 30 cm) -  50 prints

PLEASE NOTE - the edition number of the print you receive may not match that shown in the listing photographs.


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