Victor Zamanski

Dariusz Klimczak

Ben Goossens

Dominic Rouse


Grace & Beauty - Fine Art Nudes

Good art often challenges existing assumptions rather than simply accommodating them. Even if people do not at first understand or appreciate the authentic work and might even be hostile to it, they can be captivated by its sovereign presence.

Sometimes art is not simply beautiful.  Sometimes it’s downright offensive - and yet it can still be art.

Artists should always be allowed to express themselves fully and not fear public reprimand despite the risk they may run of offending people who cannot appreciate their work. 

Throughout the history of photography artists have been consistently attracted to the challenge of the nude, especially the naked female figure. Today this allure remains undimmed. 

Grace & Beauty is a concise selection of fine art photographic nudes made by SURREAL EYE artists.